What does it take to be a beekeeper?

There are three categories of bees you can keep: native bees, honeybees, and bumblebees. Each one requires different tools and equipment, each requires a different amount of time invested, and each offers different benefits. What you are hoping to get from the bees in your yard will be a large factor in what type of bees you keep.

Why should I care about the bees?

Bees of all kind are important to our everyday lives. According the USDA, bees pollinate approximately 75 percent of the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the United States. It is also estimated that one out of every four bit.s of food people take is courtesy of bee pollination. Some crops, like blueberries and cherries, are 90 percent dependent on bee pollination. Almonds are entirely dependent on bee pollination at bloom time.